"His work sessions are standing room only and students line up to ask him questions and connect with him on LinkedIn."

          -- Karen Dubinsky

               Chief Engagement Officer
               LaGuardia Community College

"He was such a hit on campus that we hosted him for several years in a row. He even brought his own handouts, filled with really good tips on how to network and write great cover letters."


            -- Ed Brodka

                Career Counselor
                University at Buffalo

"Your presentation was phenomenal. It is one of the most beneficial, important workshops of the Presidents Society. I can tell from the feedback I heard fromstudents."

              -- Albert Tadros

                   New York University

LAGCC - Thank you Drew Kerr (Feb 2019).j

"Drew Kerr gave a wonderful presentation to Drew University students, providing excellent advice on how to network and find employment after college.  He was also accessible to students after the talk, and did not leave until every question was answered.  I am confident our students left his presentation understanding the various ways of standing out in a highly competitive job market after graduation."

              -- Yasmin Acosta
                   Center for Internships and
                   Career Development
                   Drew University 

"I look forward to applying the tools you taught us, and making some great new connections."

                  -- Billy Armfield

                       Columbia University

"I walked away with a new perspective on a set of very commonly faced issues. You provided a whole new approach regarding network strategies (when connecting with people), how we gather and use information relating to any potential opportunities, and what we can do to initiate that face-to-face opportunity (to get through the door so to speak). This approach was refreshing. The suggestion you made, to set up a Google alert, in order to stay in touch with a potential employer or business partner, without being overly intrusive, is unique and if done correctly, can be very effective."

                                              -- Linton Solan


"Thank you for being very specific in your presentation. From my perspective, as a student, I had never been as mindful as I was last night about who my competition is, when you shared to point this out, I could feel a shift in my mindset as I was being equipped to rise above and beyond with specific 'knowledge' that would allow me to make a difference. Thank you once again for your willingness to help us grow further into our professional future."

                                               -- Susana Alvis

Thank you note.jpg

-- Nadine Verna,

Career Development Director, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Montclair State University