"Finding Life After College" is an interactive, energetic workshop created and honed over several years as an additional resource and compliment to the excellent work of college career development professionals.

In under an hour, FLAC teaches undergraduate students how to apply "real world" public relations, marketing and networking techniques -- the ones I have used over my career and still do -- to do the following in my interactive workshop:

* Market themselves individually and like nobody else.

* Learn where to cleverly research and apply critical information like a weapon, including opening doors to companies, and what to do when meeting the right people.

* What to bring and do when having a one-on-one conversation with a person who can be a game changer.

* Discover the personal accomplishments people want to know about and how to phrase them.

* Master the power of introductions and referrals.

* Understand what the competition is doing: an exercise with genuine unsolicited letters I have received from real students.

* How to strategically use the right words when communicating. How to end conversations with one key question that will open more doors.

* The best tactic on when and how to follow up with people.

* Putting the "search" box on LinkedIn to work in creative ways.

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Always evolving and updated, Finding Life After College is based on my nearly 30 years of public relations experience and running my own successful company, receiving many hundreds of cover letters and resumes, counseling students one on one, running an entrepreneurs support group, and observing my clients' own hiring practices.

Following my presentation, I do an audience Q&A, and then remain afterward to answer all individual questions. 

Students often say to me how much they've learned from my workshops and see a much clearer path to meeting people and presenting themselves. They send LinkedIn invites to me after every workshop. Nothing makes me happier.